The Boston Globe
"Immensely Underrated... cool and commanding... an unusually rich blend of singer-songwriter rock..."

The Noise
"Franc is blessed with a stunning vocal delivery that sounds like a cross between Patti Smith and Lucinda Williams, which soars over a bed of low-end guitar riffs and atmospheric turntable interjections."

Ink 19
"her blues-inflected rock is electric poetry, rock with emotion . . . [and a] snaky, tough groove."

The Weekly Dig
"Graham's voice evokes PJ Harvey without mimicry... showcased nicely amongst the turntables, B-3's and clavinets... It'll sweep you up like the fall wind."

" much fun to listen to."

Scope Magazine
"...bound to suck you in. It's hard to remember what a good female singer sounds like. Forget no more, Franc Graham is here."

Soundcheck Magazine
"Led by the beautifully unique vocals of Franc Graham ... it's difficult to categorize [the band] into a specific genre -- let's say it's modern, mesmerizing, slow, atmospheric alterna-groove rock, with a touch of blue."

Instant Magazine
This CD gets better and better each time you listen. It contains elements of so many types of music but copies none of them. Franc has successfully developed a recipe that leaves a heavenly aftertaste which becomes devilishly addictive. It's good to hear an artist who does it right...and does it better. I keep this one in the front of my weekly listening pile of five or ten CD's. It is definitely one of my favorite new releases this year.

Soundcheck, 10/99
Debbie Catalano
"The Franc Graham Band allures with a deep, quiet mystique. Led by the beautifully unique vocals of Franc Graham. the band - Jay Bellerrose on drums and percussion; Chris Rival on guitar, talkbox, and Hammond; Paul Bryan on bass; and Pacey Foster on turntables and mandolin (with Rori K. contributing drums to 'Five Million' and backing vocals to 'It is Good,' along with Karen Harris and John Fraser - I didn't want to leave anyone out!), The Franc Graham Band presents over 17 minutes of captivation with the five song It is Good. The production and recording is sleek but not slick; clean, but not sparse; and ear-friendly but not commercial. I was hooked immediately with the opener, 'It is Good' - what I felt was the strongest, best tune of the five. Franc's vocals enchantingly draw you right in. Meanwhile the ultra cool guitar grooves and rhythms and the sultry Hammond playing twist you into the aura of the song. Wonderful arrangements and production (engineered and produced by Chris Rival: 'Five Million' engineered by Rori K.). I absolutely loved this song. The tantalizing, twinkling, hypnotic vibes continue with 'Strange' and my second favorite track '25 Angels' - particularly due to the drums. Actually all the songs stand strongly on their own. It's difficult to categorize this into a specific genre - let's say it's modern, mesmerizing, slow, atmospheric alterna-groove rock, with a touch of blue courtesy of the Hammond. Pick up The Franc Graham Band's It is Good - oh but expect even better than 'good'."

Doug's Top 6, 6/00
"Singer-songwriter-guitarist Franc Graham creates alluring soundscapes with her lingering vocal dexterity and bewitching rhythms. Collaborating with a host of fine local players that include Jay Bellerose on drums, Paul Bryan on bass, Chris Rival on assorted instruments and Pacey Foster on harmonica, mandolin and guitar, Graham executes her winsome songs with seemingly calculated ability. Her songwriting is a blend of rock, country and folk that spans the generations while maintaining Graham's chic charm."